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Maintenance FAQ

What does the Maintenance plan cover and not cover?

The Maintenance plan covers all repairs needed to keep the instrument in playing condition such as broken or warped bridges, slipping tuning pegs, missing pads or corks, bent rods and missing screws, restrings (and much more!). The Maintenance Plan does not cover damages caused by neglect, cosmetic flaws, and expendable items such as (but not limited to) reeds, swabs, lubricants, drumsticks, rosin and strings. The Maintenance Plan does not cover loss or theft of instruments. 

Who does the repairs?

We have in house repair technicians who are able to do 80% or more of the repairs. For  big jobs that need specialized equipment we contract out to a local shop. 

Can I do the repairs myself or take them to another shop?

If you are paying for our monthly Maintenance plan all repairs must be done through our shop. If you take it to another shop for a repair you will not be reimbursed by Dietz Bros Music. If you do the repairs yourself you are risking the possibility of extra charges to get the instrument back in playing condition.

What if I don’t want to sign up for the Maintenance plan?

The average cost of a new cello or violin bridge is $85+, slipping tuning pegs are $30, missing pads and corks are $40-80, restrings are $20+. Our plan is only $5 a month and will give you the peace of mind that your instrument will be back in playing condition ASAP at no additional cost.

How long do the repairs take? Do you give out loaner instruments?

We have in house repair technicians doing repairs 5 days a week. If we can’t finish the repair in 72 hours or before your next class we will give you a loaner instrument. Loaner instruments must be brought back in the same condition you received them in.