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Order Online, Pick Up In Store or Have It Delivered To Your School!

We only rent high-quality Yamaha and Eastman instruments! To make your rental process quicker and more accessible, all rentals are now processed online. (School deliveries vary by district). 

How does the rental program work?

We have the easiest rental form in Los Angeles! Rentals are month-to-month and most rentals are a 1 month minimum. All our rentals are rent-to-own which means 100% of your monthly payments go towards the purchase price of that instrument. All you need to complete your rental is a credit card, driver's license and your contact information.  

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Rental FAQ

How much does renting cost?
Rental prices vary depending on the type of instrument.

 Practice Amps

   $25       Alto Saxophone
   Drum Kits

   Violins / Violas 
   Bell Kits 

   $30       Tenor Sax / Oboe
   1/2 String bass
   Clarinet / Flute
   Trumpet / Trombone

   $35       French Horn

   $40       3/4 String Bass
   4/4 String Bass
   Bass Clarinet
      *3 month minimum rental

What is the commitment?
The vast majority of our rentals are a 1 month minimum and since rentals are month-to-month, you are only ever committed to 1 month at a time. (A few rentals have a 3 month minimum then become month-to-month after that period.)

Do you offer a maintenance plan for rented instruments?

Yes! For only $5 a month you get peace of mind that your instrument will be kept in playing condition by our highly trained, in-house repair technicians. If we can’t fix it within 72 hours, we will give you a loaner instrument. For more detailed information about our maintenance plan, see Here

What is included with our rental?

Each rental is considered an outfit, which includes the basic components to get you playing. For instance, a saxophone rental is going to come with the saxophone, a saxophone case, neck strap, 2 reeds, mouthpiece, ligature, mouthpiece cap, and neck cork grease. A violin rental comes with the violin, a  violin case, bow, and rosin.

What is not included but is often required or recommended by your teachers?

Most schools require the students to purchase a book, music stand and folder regardless of the instrument. For Violin and Violas you will need a shoulder rest. Cellos need an end pin holder with strap. Wind instruments need replacement reeds (ongoing). Brass instruments need valve oil and a cleaning cloth. We coordinate with all the different teachers to make sure we have what you need in stock and you can get all these accessories as part of our online rental process!

How can I save money?

At any time, you can pay off your rental and get 25% off the remaining balance. The sooner you buy, the more you save!

How do I return my instrument?

Your instrument can be returned at any time. Just come by our store and we’ll have you out of there in 5 minutes.