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Meet Your Repairman
Brian has been working in the business for almost 40 years now!
He worked for World Of Strings for 14 years before opening Long Beach Guitar Repair in 2013. He joined the Dietz Family in 2023.
In his decades of experience he has seen every guitar nightmare imaginable and he has fixed them all!

Instrument Repairs
  1. RESTRING (6 STRING GUITAR) = $20 + cost of strings.
    Includes: Inspection, Simple Cleaning, Restring, & Tuning.

  2. RESTRING (12 STRING GUITAR / FLOYD) = $40 + cost of strings
    Includes: Inspection, Simple Cleaning, Restring, & Tuning.

  3. Deep Clean + Oil (addon) = +$15
    Includes: fretboard & fretwire deep cleaning, & Oiling

  4. SET UP = $85 + cost of strings.
    Includes action adjustment, minor fret
    work, tighten & lubricate tuning machines, general clean up and restring. 
    *Floating bridges, Floyd Roses or 12-strings cost an additional $30.

  • STRAP BUTTON INSTALLATION = $15 per button + cost of parts


  • REPLACE INPUT JACK = $35 + cost of parts

  • PICKUP INSTALLATION = $70 per pickup + cost of parts. 
    More complex circuitry can incur additional costs; Telecasters, Hollowbodies, etc.  

  • REPLACE TUNERS = $60 + cost of tuners

  • VOLUME / TONE POT INSTALLATION = $35 (or more) + cost of parts. 

  • FRET DRESSING = $250 + cost of parts. Worn or uneven frets can be filed level when there is enough height on the fret and is still practical. Sometimes replacing the most worn frets is necessary. When this happens, the guitar must be set up as described above.

  • REPLACE SWITCH = $50 (or more) + cost of parts 

  • NEW NUT / SADDLE = $150 (includes a full set up) + cost of parts. Expect additional costs if your guitar has worn frets, bowed neck or an ill fitting saddle.
Violin/Viola/Cello Repairs
  • Set-Up = $70 + cost of strings  

    Includes sanding and/or doping tuning pegs, adjusting bridge height, general clean up and restring.  

  • NEW BRIDGE = $85 + cost of parts. It is helpful if the customer has the old bridge.



    Service Tech must inspect instrument for accurate quote 

  • NEW PEG = $35 + cost of parts 

  • RESTRING = $20 + cost of strings

    Service Tech must inspect instrument for accurate quote

Turnaround time is
approximately 1-2 weeks on all repairs and can take longer if parts need to be ordered, gluing and clamping is involved, or if there’s a backlog of repairs. 


For any repairs not listed on this sheet, the instrument must be left for Brian so he can give an accurate price quote. He is NOT able to do this over the phone. Only Brian is able to give accurate price quotes on repairs.