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Buster Baer - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Uke Class

Buster first picked up music at 17 as an addition to his love of poetry. However, what started as a side dish quickly became the main course as his whole life began revolving around music. Over the years Buster has played in many bands, gigging regularly in New York City, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Buster has written literally thousands of songs, and produced over 150 recordings.

Now Buster mostly focuses on recordings and teaching, his students ranging from complete beginners to professionals with more technical skill than he has. What keeps the students coming back is Buster’s patience, direction, and commitment to creativity. Most lesson plans will treat creativity as a talent you are either born with or born without. Buster couldn’t disagree more. Creativity is a human muscle and it exists in all of us equally, whether atrophied or not.

Come practice your creative health and develop a challenging and impressive skill to communicate and express yourself with sound!
Nick Blake - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocal Ensemble

Nick grew up in a minister's family so was dragged to church choir every week, which was a pain but taught great vocal and harmony technique. During the summers his extended family gathered to sing folk music and classic rock tunes in 4-part harmony around the campfire.

He grew up with a love of singing and went on to sing in a capella choruses and barber chop quartets in high school. For years he has been singing and performing in bands, frequently being the only person in the band who knew how to sing at all.

At Dietz Bros he teaches a vocal harmony class to help increase the number of people in local bands who can sing properly. He uses the class structure and vocal techniques he learned growing up, featuring popular songs from the past several decades.

Devitt Feeley - Guitar, Mandolin

Devitt has been singing and playing string instruments most of his life. He started early playing string bass in the public school systems of Chicago. Along the way he taught himself guitar, electric guitar, mandolin and violin. After high school he attended the Berklee College of Music studying String Bass performance and winning contests and awards throughout these early years. He performs in innumerable genres including rock, jazz, blues, classical, country and show tunes, but his love is bluegrass. He has won the Topanga Canyon Folk Festival Competition several times. Each win highlights his talent and diversity. He won for guitar performance, mandolin performance, best back-up musician, and most recently for best band (Rockyneck Bluegrass Band) in 2009.

His television appearances have been on The Next Great American Band as mandolinist and back-up vocals for Cliff Wagner and the Old #7, on Justified with the Rockyneck Blugrass Band and on My Fair Wedding also with the Rockyneck Bluegrass Band. He has opened for Leo Kottke, IIIrd Time Out and has shared the stage with John McEuen from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. He has worked at Dietz Bros Music for twenty years teaching and repairing instruments.


Conor Griffin - Guitar, Bass, Uke, Classical

Born and raised in the South Bay, Conor has music in the blood. Since starting at age 12 playing guitar he has since expanded into the worlds of Bass, Ukulele, and Classical Guitar. After a stint playing all around LA in his various indie-rock and cover bands he has settled down passing on his vast musical knowledge to the next generation. He has been rockin' the halls of Dietz Brothers for over 13 years now! No matter the style, no matter how esoteric, he can teach it all!

Emma Lin - Beginning Guitar

Meet Emma, a cherished member of our Dietz Brothers community who has been strumming the guitar for 12 years. Having grown up in the fold, she's become a formidable musical talent through her involvement with church bands and her ventures as a singer/songwriter in solo performances. Emma's teaching style is engaging and fun, making her especially adept with children and beginners.

Outside of music, Emma has a passion for hockey, playing defense for her high school team. Her creative pursuits extend to songwriting, where she's currently producing her own music, exploring genres like pop, classic rock, rap, and indie. Emma's unique blend of interests also includes raising chickens and even hosting small backyard concerts for them, adding a charming personal touch to her diverse talents.

Alex Madrid - Guitar, Bass, Uke, Banjo

Alex Madrid’s guitar odyssey began in 2001, right here at Dietz Bros! As a fifth grader, Alex became entranced by bands like Green Day and Led Zeppelin, and set out to follow in their footsteps as a true rock n’ roller. Since then, Alex has become a multi-instrumentalist, picking up the ukulele, bass and banjo along the way, as well as acquiring a bachelor’s degree from Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. As an ardent advocate of musical exploration and education, Alex plans to take his students on a journey that will not only help build their repertoire and proficiency, but also inspire them to look beyond the charts, the scales and the boxes, and find ways to stoke the flames of creativity within.  

Alex has performed original music at venues like the Whiskey A Go-Go, Doug Weston's Troubadour, the Canyon Club and the Grove of Anaheim. Among his list of collaborators are John Bender(Paramore, Breaking Benjamin), Adair Defaumbach(Tony Macalpine, Dirk Verbeuren) and Joel Ferber(Sixx A.M., Dusk, Highlnd)

Outside of teaching, he can be found performing with his band, Death Of The Author.

Tony Motta - Guitar, Slide, Bass, Uke

Tony Motta, aka Tony Motts, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele. He is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and protege of Mick Goodrick. Tony has been a part of the Dietz Family for a decade. He is great with beginners of all ages and a fan of all music styles.

Tony specializes in Rock, Blues, R&B and Jazz. Whatever your style or level, Tony will help you take your playing to the next level, and help you have fun on your musical journey!

When not at Dietz Brothers, Tony is the Video Ingest Specialist at Capitol Records.

Check out Tony rockin out at Beach Life 2024!

Killian Mulrooney - Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Voice

Killian started his musical journey all the way back in middle school band, where he picked up the French Horn, beginning a life long love of the art form. He soon began to pick up any instrument he could get his hands on, eventually leading him to the University of Southern California, and the USC Trojan Marching band. After four years he would return as a Teaching Assistant for the band, a role which he still holds today.

Throughout his life he’s taught at nearly every level, from elementary school bands to college age students and above. While he’s played in concert halls across the world from Vienna to London, his proudest moments are right here in SoCal at venues like the Walt Disney Concert Hall and even the Hollywood Bowl with the LA Philharmonic. 

Jesus Sanchez - Guitar, Bass, Uke, Drums

Jesus first picked up the Guitar around the age of 10. He grew up playing a lot of Rock n Roll, from Led Zeppelin to heavier Metal like Slipknot. His musical taste would expand to other styles such as Blues, Jazz, and Latin. As his musical skills grew, he expanded his capabilities onto Bass, Drums, and some Piano.

Some of his influences include guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Slash, and (being a fellow Pasadena inhabitant) Eddie Van Halen. After graduating from Cal State Long Beach with a Bachelors in Music Education, he hopes to bring the knowledge and self-fulfilling experience of playing music to anyone who pursues it.  


Richard Schwagerl - Piano, Drums, Vibraphone

Richard Schwagerl will help you to explore the three elements of music: Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm. He will have you delve into playing by ear, improvisation, arrangement, and leading a band, all while practicing reading, writing, theory and good technique. Rich also leads group classes, such as School Of Rock, Jazz and Blues (all instruments and vocals welcome).

Richard earned a scholarship degree from USC, toured with Lou Rawls, and composed for MTV and The Travel Channel. With over 6000 performances in 40 countries Richard has learned the art of entertaining as well as teaching. He patented the Drum-A-Long System, which is sold nationally and wrote Simple Principles of Learning. He also performs regularly as the bandleader of Island Voyage - steel drum band.

“Proud and honored to be working with the Dietz Brothers since 1981.”

Brian Stewart - Guitar, Bass, Uke

Brian brings a wealth of experience and talent to our team. Not only is he an accomplished guitarist and bassist who has performed with renowned artists like Belinda Carlile, Lisa Loeb, and Wilson Phillips!

He's also a seasoned Guitar Tech Specialist with over a decade of experience at establishments like World of Strings in Long Beach. Brian's expertise in guitar setup and repair is unmatched, and he's here to assist you with all your gear and lesson needs!

Casey Sublette - Rock Bands, Recording, Bass

A self described “overall chill dude,” Casey grew up in a musical household, surrounded by instruments and an array of sounds blasting through the speakers. Whether it was a Christmas reggae album or Australian surf band, he was raised in it all. He Initially started playing piano for many years until picking up the bass at the end of middle school.

A student-athlete at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he was able to balance his sports and schooling while playing and gigging in the funk rock band golfdads. Since college, Casey has explored the world of recording, producing, artist management and digital marketing. He can also "fake it" on most instruments. His current project, Toys On Fire has led to awesome discoveries in the recording world, in which he hopes to apply and build a program through Dietz for young up and comers to understand what goes into that process.


Jim Youngstrom - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Oboe

Meet Jim Youngstrom, our esteemed Brass and Woodwinds instructor. With over 40 years of experience in private teaching, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his students. He spent 21 years touring with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, where he honed his performance skills on some of the world’s biggest stages.

Jim has also collaborated with iconic figures such as comedian Jerry Lewis and a host of renowned singers including Tony Bennett, Mel Torme, Dianne Schurr, and Cab Calloway. His diverse experience and passion for teaching make him an invaluable resource for aspiring musicians.